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Mudumu National Park

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Safari suitability: 7/10

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Famous for its large number of elephants. Has four of the big five. Only the rhino is absent.

Found in: Namibia
Companies: 2
Tour packages: 5
Total area: 737 km² (285 mi²)
Year established: 1990
Anti-malarial: Not required

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  • Great destination for elephant-lovers

  • Close to parks in northern Botswana, for combined safaris

  • Walking safaris are possible here

  • Self-drive safaris are allowed, and there are no formal entrance gates

  • Not a popular safari destination, for those looking for a more isolated-feeling safari

About Mudumu National Park

Located in the thin panhandle of northeastern Namibia, abutting the Kwando Concession in Botswana, lies the tiny park of Mudumu. The Kwando River forms a natural border between Botswana and Namibia and it's what separates Kwando Concession from Mudumu.

Wildlife of Mudumu National Park

Although Mudumu suffers from a tumultuous past, marked by high rates of poaching, it is slowly on the incline. Mudumu is known for its large number of elephants, which freely migration between Botswana, Namibia, Angola and Zambia. It is also home to other large animals including lions, leopards, wildebeest, zebra, hippos, crocodiles, buffalo and giraffe. In fact, four of the big five can be spotted here, with only the rhino not present. Some of the big cats are moving south, to the more protected Kwando Concession. It's easy to tell which cats have come from Namibia, they are extremely wary of vechiles and will quickly rise and slip into the dense brush when they hear the vehicle's motor. It is the hopes of neighboring reserves in southern Botswana that these cats will eventually feel more relaxed in this environment.

Bird-watchers will not be disappointed in Mudumu; it is home to over 400 species of bird including the following: slaty egret, swamp boubou and the great reed warbler.

Mudumu does not have official park gates and self-drive safaris are an option here. Its proximity to Kwando Concession and The Okavango Delta in Botswana make it a desirable destination for those wishing to see some of Namibia with limited time. It does not have many campsites or lodging options, but it is also not as visited as many of its neighboring parks, making it an ideal location for those wishing for a more isolated safari experience.

When is the best time of year to visit Mudumu National Park?

Mudumu receives the bulk of its precipitation at the start of the year. January and February are the heavy rain months and it is not unusual for the roads to become extremely muddy and difficult to navigate. Mudumu is best visited outside of the rainy season. April through September is normally very dry, with little rainfall, and temperatures hovering around the low 30sC (high 80s/low 90s F).

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