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Etosha National Park

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Of the big five, only the buffalo don't roam here. This park has a great tourist infrastructure.

Found in: Namibia
Companies: 55
Tour packages: 145
Total area: 22,270 km² (8600 mi²)
Year established: 1907
Anti-malarial: Not required

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  • Best time to visit is between May and September

  • Self-drive safaris are permitted

  • Arid, pleasant climate makes for a comfortable safari

About Etosha National Park

Established in 1907, Etosha National Park is located in the northwest corner of Namibia. Etosha is 22,270 km² (8600 mi²), making it the sixth largest national park in Africa. The name ‘Etosha’ means ‘place of dry water’ or ‘huge white area’ which can be attributed to the fact that roughly 20 – 25% of the park is covered by a great salt pan. Etosha is an excellent destination for game viewing and four of the big five can be spotted here – elephant, leopard, lion and rhino (both black and white). Only the buffalo is absent.

While Etosha may be one of more established national parks in Africa, it offers a limited number of lodging options inside the park boundaries. Only a handful of camps exist, most of which are situated around a permanent waterhole for game viewing opportunities. Many guests choose to stay outside the park boundaries, where there is a wider range of accommodation. However, because the park’s entrances are closed from dusk until dawn, those staying outside the park will not be able to partake in any night drive safaris and may wish to consider this when booking their accommodation.    
Etosha is a well-established national park that offers excellent game viewing opportunities all year round. Although it does not have an extensive range of lodging options inside the park, the camps that are inside the park are of good standards and are ideally situated for wildlife encounters. Etosha is recommended for all levels of travelers.

When is the best time of year to visit Etosha National Park?

The game viewing in Etosha National Park is excellent year-round, with the best times to visit coinciding with the dry, cooler season. From May to September the extremely low levels of precipitation force wildlife around the few remaining water sources, making game viewing in Etosha spectacular. The daytime temperatures are also more tolerable during this time of year although, with the low levels of humidity, Etosha’s climate is very agreeable at any time of the year. The arid conditions mean the flora of Etosha is mainly grass, savannah and smaller trees. Two of the more prevalent species of trees in Etosha are Mopane and Moringa. The Mopane thrives in a high alkaline environment and the Moringa, a hardy tree with nutritious leaves, is drought-resistant and grows in dry, sandy soils.

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