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How it all began ……

Your Safari was founded in 2000 by Kathryn Haylett to fulfill her lifelong passion for Africa and its wildlife. After a visit to Kruger National Park in 1998, she saw photographers crammed into total unsuitable vehicles and being driven around by indifferent guides. She decided that she could do a much better job herself. Consequently, she went to South Africa and trained to be a Safari Guide. As a result, Your Safari was born.

Why we have become the Namibian Specialists

Whilst travelling in South Africa, Kathryn overheard many conversations about Etosha National Park in Namibia. As a result of this she went for a visit and it was love at first sight. The spectacular wildlife and the stark desert scenery bathed in the exceptional Namibian light made it the perfect photographers’ destination and inspired her to write “The Photographer’s Guide to Etosha National Park.”

Kathryn’s Love for Etosha

Her love for Etosha turned into a love for Namibia itself, and as she explored this diverse and beautiful country, discovering hidden lodges along the desert roads and mountain passes meeting friendly people along the way she realised she could bring this beautiful Eden to fellow explorers and travellers. Kathryn quickly gained a reputation as a good and trusted guide. She travelled through the country she gained a certain notoriety by the people that lived there. If you would like to travel in Kathryn’s shoes, please look at some of Namibian safari trips here.

Lifelong Friendships

Her friendship with wildlife experts Dr Richard Estes ( the world’s leading expert on African mammal behaviour,) The Hanssen family from the Africat Foundation. Tommy Hall, from Save the Rhino, Tommy Collard, Namib desert expert. Dennis Lieberman, from Etendeka. As a result, this has given her a much better understanding of Namibian wildlife of which she readily shares with all her guests.

“Miss Kathryn”

Kathryn soon found that the local people, as a result of her visits, quickly became friends. She is now known at many lodges she visits as “Miss Kathryn” or the more affectionate term of “Meme”.

Our Passion

In the last 20 Years Kathryn has shared her passions with many people. Some she has taken on a Your Safari adventure more than once, and many of them have gone on to be personal friends. Harnessing all these experiences and expertise she has now gone on to expand Your Safari to include many different destinations and experiences, but never forgetting the personal passion and attention to detail that makes Your Safari’s adventures so unique.

My safari travel style: Middle of the road—I tend to stay in the main camps and lodges. It suits my budget and my preference for creature comforts, such as electricity and hot water.

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