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The best of western Tanzania

The national parks of Mahale Mountains and Katavi are a world apart from the most famous safari destinations such as Ngorongoro and Masai Mara.

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You want to see the Kalahari?

Is Central Kalahari Game Reserve on your list of places to visit? Deciding whether to do a luxury camp or mobile camping safari?

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Kilimanjaro and Diamox

Your African Safari solicited feedback from over 150 tour operators on what they're seeing with Diamox usage and altitude sickness. Over 60% of the tour operators surveyed have been offering trekking for 5+ years.

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Hyenas: 10 fascinating facts

Here are ten fascinating hyena facts that will want to make you stop and observe these curious animals a while longer:

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Apps for African Safaris

Mobile apps for African safaris. In Southern Africa, Stuarts' SA Mammals and Roberts VII Multimedia Birds are comprehensive apps for identifying mammals and birds. There are excellent apps for frogs, snakes, trees, butterflies and insects too.

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Photographic hides

Hides are generally built next to a waterhole, which especially in the dry season, acts as a magnet to attract wildlife and birds. Some photographic hides are built at the lodge, so you can walk to and enjoy them at any time.

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Finding Guhonda

Rwanda, mountain gorillas, volcanoes, silverback gorilla, Guhonda

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Nkhotakota elephants

African Parks has managed Nkhotakota WR and Liwonde NP since 2015 and Majete WR since 2003 in partnership with Malawi’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife.

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Black rhinos in Akagera

In May 2017, black rhinos were re-introduced into Rwanda'a largest national park: Akagera. This move has been in the making for several years and is the result of efforts from many nations who donated time, money and resources to ensure their retu...

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