Published on January 05 2024
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Kenya's Electronic Travel Authorization system (eTA) now in effect


  • Kenya's new Electronic Travel Authorization system (eTA) is now in effect, as of 5 January.

  • Kenya Citizens are exempt from the eTA.

  • Citizens of EAC partner states are exempt from the eTA.

  • Applicants need a passport valid for at least six months after planned arrival, with a blank page.

  • Standard processing time is three working days.

  • Accepted payment methods: credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, or other means.

  • For children under the age of 18, the legal guardian, parent or accompanying adult is responsible for filling in the application

  • Families are highly encouraged to apply as a group

  • The eTA is only valid for one trip. Travelers must obtain a new eTA for each visit to Kenya.

The government of Kenya has replaced its visa system with a new, semi-automated Electronic Travel Authorization system (eTA), effective 1 January 2024. Airline carriers arriving in Kenya are now prohibited from allowing passengers without a valid eTA to board. Passengers, regardless of nationality, will no longer need to fill out paper forms on the plane or at arrival.

According to the official Kenyan government website, the application process takes around three business days to complete. The website also states that there is a priority service for those needing the eTA in under three days, but no further information is provided. Travelers are encouraged to apply as early as three months prior to their arrival in Kenya. It's important that the holiday be booked prior to applying for the eTA, as the application requires booking confirmation details and will be rejected if these are not provided. 

How to apply for Kenya's eTA

Unless you are a citizen of Kenya or another East African Community (EAC) partner state, you are required to apply for the eTA prior to your arrival in Kenya. Travelers can submit their applications via the Republic of Kenya official government website. Applications currently cost $30 USD.

Country of residence for Kenya electronic travel authorization application

Requirements for all non-exempt travelers
  • Valid passport for at least six (6) months after the planned date of arrival into Kenya with at least one blank page
  • Selfie or passport-type photo Contact information, email address and phone number
  • Details of passenger arrival and departure itinerary
  • Accommodation booking confirmation(s)
  • Credit card, debit card, Apple pay or other means of payment
Based on your country of residence and citizenships the following may also be required:
  • Financial assets / banks letter(s)
  • Return transportation booking, such as a return ticket
Based on your country of residence and travel history the following may also be required:
  • Yellow fever certificate is required if passengers are traveling from a yellow fever country 
  • Other vaccination(s) or test results certificates

The government website is easy to use and the application process is straightforward. Applicants have the option to upload a page from their passport to use their webcam to snap a photo on the fly. 

Passport information for Kenya eTA

How does Kenya's eTA impact the East African Tourist Visa?

The East African Tourist Visa allows travel between Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda for up to 90 days. The cost is currently $100 USD. Kenya's Electronic Travel Authorization will need to be purchased, in addition to the East African Tourist Visa, for all travelers visiting Kenya. 

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