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Kwando, Linyanti & Selinda Reserves

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About Kwando, Linyanti & Selinda Reserves

Country found in: Botswana
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Park wildlife: 32 animals listed
Anti-malarial: Absolutely!

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Kwando, Linyanti & Selinda Reserves map

Kwando—Linyanti—Selinda: Private concessions near the Okavango Delta

The Botswana government has given some of the land in the Okavango Delta to outfitters who can then manage the land and offer private safaris.

Kwando Concession

Kwando Concession is operated by Kwando Safaris and includes their Lebala and Lagoon Camps. The reserve is 232,000 hectares / 573,000 acres and its location on the Kwando River, of which it has 50km of exclusive frontage, is ideal for game viewing.

Lagoon Camp

A wide-variety of trees and plants grow here. The wild sage is prevalent throughout the delta area. It has a pungent pleasant smell that fills the air. Large elephant herds can be found here along with many types of antelope, zebra, giraffe and birds. Cheetah, leopards and lions are all present. Safaris are all-inclusive and Kwando emphasize high-quality guiding, be it game drives, boat rides or walking safaris, all are possible here.


Linyanti Concession


Linyanti is in the northern park of Botswana and the delta. The luxury lodges here are owned and operated by Wilderness Safaris. While all safaris in this private concession are all-inclusive, Linyanti borders the popular Chobe Park and Savute Channel. Game move freely between the two parks. Game, boat and walking safaris are all possible here.

Selinda Concession

This private 136,000 hectare / 320,000 acre reserve includes the Linyanti River and is known for its large elephant herds. Wild dogs, lions, leopards, cheetah and hyenas are also found here. Only high-end camps are found here, run by Great Plains Conservation. The Selinda Camp is being completely redone and is slated to open mid-2019. The ultra-luxurious Zafara Camp will set you back around $1400/person/night, unless you opt for their private Dhow Suite, which is over 210 square meters / 2200 square feet and sleeps 4. That will run you $7000/night, or $1750pppn.

Pros of doing a safari in a private reserve.

  1. One benefit of visiting a private concession is that the number of visitors is limited to only those staying at the concession’s camp. Most concessions limit the number of vehicles at an animal sighting to three, which makes for more intimate game viewing.
  2. The wildlife, particularly the predators, tend to be in better condition than in public reserves, possibly due to a more hands-on management.
  3. Because the number of visitors, and guides, is limited, the caliber of safari guides tends to be very high in privately managed reserves.

Cons of doing a safari in a private reserve

  1. The biggest downside of private concessions is they tend to be more expensive, as they are all-inclusive and often accessible only by charter plane.

Wildlife of Kwanda, Linyanti and Selinda Concessions

The greater Okavango Delta is home to a large variety of antelope including lechwe, tsessebe, sitatunga, roan antelope, reedbuck, greater kudu, sable antelope, springbok and impala. The lechwe antelope is the most common large mammal, with more than 60,000 inhabiting the delta.  These swamp-dwelling antelopes, slightly larger than an impala, bound effortlessly through the swamp due to the natural water-repellent quality of the fur on their legs. They frolic freely in the water, seeming lighter than air as their dancing leaps provide not just forward movement but raise them to heights from which they can spy danger. The rarest aquatic antelope found in the Okavango is the demure sitatunga, which hides from predators by sinking into the water with just its nostrils showing. It can even sleep under water like this!

Male lion in Kwando Concession


Surrounding the swamps is a forest that provides shade for herds of larger game and extending beyond the forests is open savanna where the greatest numbers of game exist, stalked by lion, leopard, cheetah, brown hyena, spotted hyena, and wild dog. Leopards can be seen lazing in trees during the day. The endangered African wild dog still survives in the Okavango Delta area, which is home to one of the largest packs in Africa.

When to visit Kwando, Linyanti and Selinda

Dry season: The best time to visit is in the dry season where game viewing is at its peak from June to October.

Rainy season: December to March. Because the delta is created from flood water not rain, the rainy season is the time that the delta is smallest. Animals tend to move away from the delta as other areas of the desert become green and lush. But with such an embarrassment of riches, fewer animals than usual still means many animals, migrating species arrive, and the birds love the rainy season.

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