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As a child I always had the wish to go to Serengeti. Why? We had on dutch tv a programm named Daktari, vet in Serengeti and what i saw, animals, give me the wish to come there once in my life. And I did, never with the idea to come back, and back and back.................
This trip, I had the idea is my last. Got serious back and knee problems and walking was very hard and only 100 m I told Arif from my problem and also that I need a scootmobiel now and got the answer, Marian No problem, we help you. All the help I needed I got and more, and my guide arranged that I had the room close to the restaurant and did so much more for me. I can , happy, better walk again and next year 2016, I come back. Gueass who must be my guide? And Arif and I made again the trip together.

My safari travel style: Middle of the road—I tend to stay in the main camps and lodges. It suits my budget and my preference for creature comforts, such as electricity and hot water.
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