Gerenuk on hind legs in Kenya


Behavior and diet

The gerenuk, also known as Waller’s gazelle, is named after the Somali word generuk, which means ‘giraffe-necked’. It has a long neck and limbs, and a pointed snout which has been adapted to eat the small leaves on thorny shrubs and trees—including foliage too high for other antelopes, which the gerenuk reaches by standing on its hind legs. Modified lumbar vertebrae, strong haunches and wide hooves make the gerenuk the only antelope that can stand unsupported in this manner. Males have small horns on their heads. The gerenuk browses exclusively on tree foliage and does not require much, if any, water in its diet. The gestation period for the gerenuk is six to seven months and females normally have one young.

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