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We arrange high-quality tours. With us you can climb Mt Kilimanjaro, go on a wildlife safari, cultural tour and enjoy a beach vacation on the paradise island Zanzibar. Our operations office is located NSSF building 4th floor Moshi town, we providing the highest quality and value for your money.

We have earned a reputation for a high degree of professionalism, along with high quality customer service and first aid medical training, so our guides are well trained and fully qualified multilingual mountain guides considering safety and enjoyment. It is our top priority to meet our customers needs: We offer a reasonable price for our service to give our visitors a fantastic experience in this beautiful country. Our trekking and safari expedition offers a special journey for individuals, families and groups.

My safari travel style: Luxury—Fly me in to a private, tented camp where I can enjoy the finest foods, wines and linens. I’m after exclusive, intimate camps with refined touches.

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