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I was born in a small seaside Italian town and migrated to Australia with my family in 1986. After a trivial yet cataclysmic 'a-ha' moment in 2004, I left behind all that was familiar, safe and warm and embarked on a 6 year stint as an overland tour guide. My travels saw me discover South America (over and over again) and venture into the black depths of Africa for 3 years, from where I emerged tanned and happy. A year-long independent stint through the Middle East cemented my belief that I am inherently tropical, and has spurred me onto my current adventure: a motorbike trip from Europe to Australia. Crossing Siberia in winter is most definitely not in my agenda yet :)

My safari travel style: Back-to-basics—I prefer old school camping and can pitch a mean tent. I like being off the grid and am ready to sleep under the stars. I don’t mind helping set-up or cook dinner. I’m the original safari enthusiast!

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