Mandrill by Sanjay Archarya


Mandrillus sphinx

Behavior and diet

The mandrill is a very colorful primate that is closely related to the baboon. It is the largest of all monkeys and is found only in the rainforests of equatorial Africa. It is considered one of the most colorful of all the primates and easily distinguishable by the vibrant red and blue skin on its face. The colors become even more vivid when the animal enters an excited state. Mandrills are omnivores that live primarily on fruits, seeds, leaves, roots and insects. There are two distinct group types in mandrill society. One consists of one alpha male and an average of 15 females. The other group-type is multi-male and multi-female and can include up to 200 members. The gestation period for Mandrills is around seven months, with females normally giving birth to just one young.

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International primate day is celebrated on 01 September
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