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East Tours: Zahamena Tour

Safari tour package: A custom, tailor-made, private safari
Prices: $1357
Includes internal flights: No
Length of safari: 7 days
Best months: All year
Countries visited: Madagascar Madagascar
Parks visited: Andasibe-Mantadia
Activity level: Active - Hiking, horse riding
Safari type:
  • Boating
This is a very new tour to take you to the wild of the Zahamena National Park where very few tourists could set foot to adventure! The Zahamena Tour is a visit to the rain forest in the East of Madagascar. It includes visit to the Bandro Park for the critically endangered Lake Alaotra Bamboo Lemurs in the Ambatondrazaka region. Zahamena is among the youngest National Park in Madagascar. This rain forest is home to several endemic species of wildlife including the Aye Aye, the Giant millipedes, the Indri Indri, the Black and White Ruffed Lemurs. Zahamena is also the promised destination for birdwatchers with over 76 endemic bird species. This is the least visited National Park in Madagascar where you will see the real wildlife of Madagascar.

Day 1: Drive from Tana to the Bandro Park

Drive from Tana to Andreba, Overnight at the Camp Bandro or with the local people.

Day 2: Visit of the Lake Alaotra Bamboo Lemur or the Bandro

Very early morning canoe trip to visit the Lake Alaotra and to see the local endemic Lake Alaotra Bamboo Lemur locally called Bandro and other water birds species 
Back to the village of Andreba and stay with the local people, Overnight at the Camp Bandro or with the local community

Day 3: Drive and hike to Zahamena National Park

Early morning drive to Antanandava which is the entrance of the Zahamena National Park, meet the local guide and the porters 
Start the visit of the Zahamena National Park: possibility to see the Indri - Indri which is the biggest lemur specie in Madagascar, spiders and plants 
After 6 hours walk, Camping inside the National park

Day 4: Trek to the natural swimming pool in Zahamena National Park

Trek to the natural swimming pool under the waterfall, possibility to see the Giant millipedes and the Indri Indri. Camping at Bemoara camping ground

Day 5: Visit of the primary forest of Zahamena National Park

From Bemoara, Start the trek to the primary forest of the Zahamena: look for the nest of the Aye Aye (Daubentonia Madagascariensis), the most endangered mammal in the world. 
the camping site will depend and where we'll see the nest of the Aye Aye, night walk to see this world strangest animal

Day 6: Walk back to the entrance of the Park and drive to Andreba village

Walk back to Bemoara then to the entrance of the Zahamena National Park, drive back to Andreba village, Overnight at the Camp Bandro or with the local people. 

Day 7: Drive back to Tana or to Andasibe – Mantadia National Park

Here, you choose if you would like to drive back to Tana or to continue with the visit of Andasibe National Park (Indri tour) which can lead you up to Sainte Marie Island (Green tour)

This visit to the North of Madagascar includes visit of Ankarafantsika National Park. The chance to see the crit...

Parks visited include:

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