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We offer exclusive, tailor-made safaris, utilizing the best camps and operators in each country we work with to ensure you enjoy Africa's incredible wilderness and wildlife.

Safaris can include walking, driving, canoeing, birding and then one of the most ancient activites of all - just relaxing and recuperating: all safaris are created with the aim of getting you up-close and personal with the African bush, the people, wildlife, personalities, beauty, birdlife and the experiences you, our guest, is looking for!

We like to keep our guests off the beaten track and show you the small owner run safaris and exclusive “lodges with personality” in unique parts of the countries we specialise in. We promise to keep visiting, searching and finding those best kept secrets and at the same time ensure that we keep visiting the old favorites that have been around for years, to ensure standards are not dropped with time !!

We believe that a day on safari is rich with sights, smells, sounds and the emotions they give rise to. It’s not all about the thread count of the sheets (although that IS important), crystal chandeliers, or even about racing around the bush ticking animals and birds off a list. Look up, see, smell and experience! A safari is an opportunity to reclaim time for ourselves and just BE.

Contact us to Experience Africa like it should be!

My safari travel style: Luxury—Fly me in to a private, tented camp where I can enjoy the finest foods, wines and linens. I’m after exclusive, intimate camps with refined touches.

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