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Flight of the Eagle Safaris

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We offer and specialize in taking you anywhere in SA as well as where wild animals roam freely through the African bush, just as they have done since time begun. Our aim has always been to "Look through the eyes of an Eagle" and point out the diversity of our wildlife, enchanting you with South Africa's Natural and Cultural Heritage. Our mission is to leave desiring travellers with memories that will linger for a lifetime, never forgetting they had been touched by the soil of Africa!

The owner of Flight of the Eagle Safaris & Tours spent a full career in the South African Air Force, a Helicopter man who served his country with pride and dignity. His love for nature and wild life as well as the conservation thereof was his drive for a second career. He is a qualified Honorary Ranger with a vast knowledge base of the fauna & flora of South Africa. Sharing historical/cultural and fauna & flora information with desiring travellers are not only a career but a passion encompass for this energetic and passionate man. Flight of the Eagle Safaris & Tours was hence appropriately 'born' in 2010 - A small company driven to success and growing from strength to strength by a couple who is passionate about customer service and personal satisfaction.

You will find many tour operators & guides in South Africa mostly with similar offerings/programs/itineraries and pricing, however if you are looking for outstanding service and quality you will come to the right place by contacting Flight of the Eagle Safaris & Tours. We take the greatest of pleasure from showing appreciative guests the Beauty and diversity of this great country, South Africa!

My safari travel style: Middle of the road—I tend to stay in the main camps and lodges. It suits my budget and my preference for creature comforts, such as electricity and hot water.

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