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A man born with the wildest Africa blood running through my veins. Like all of us here at Bantu Pori Journeys full of tremendous passion for guiding and possess a wealth of knowledge to share with you. People will often ask me which of my Tanzania trips has been my favorite or the best, and it is certainly hard to decide. It is hard to compare summiting the tallest free standing mountain in the world (Mount Kilimanjaro) with witnessing the herd of 1.5 million of wildebeests migrating in the deep plains of the Serengeti. Every experience brings a chance to learn, reflect, and most importantly, have fun.

I want you to also experience the same excitement and wonder that I am enjoying in this fascinating country. So thats why i started Bantu Pori Journeys and start using my own experiences, connections and lots of help from my team and friends in Tanzania and beyond to create a travel company that offers everyone the chance to discover the culture and places that I love in Tanzania. It's an honor to be part of a community of passionate travelers and to be part of planning your perfect adventure.

I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for travel and especially like hearing from our guests when they return from their own adventures.

My safari travel style: Back-to-basics—I prefer old school camping and can pitch a mean tent. I like being off the grid and am ready to sleep under the stars. I don’t mind helping set-up or cook dinner. I’m the original safari enthusiast!

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