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We focus on the Southern Circuit of Tanzania as this is our home & we are intimately familiar with the land, the animals and the people. Our experienced and well-trained driver/guides are professionals who have worked in the safari industry on average for 15 years. They have excellent knowledge of wild-life and natural history in general, while using a unique way to introduce visitors to the interesting and diverse cultural heritage of this beautiful country.
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The Beauty of The Rains

When: Feb. 27, 2015, 1:46 p.m.

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Photo taken at Ruaha National Park, Tanzania by
Tatanca Safari & Tours Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
26 Feb 2015" data-fresco-id="5329" data-fresco-photo-url="" data-fresco-title="" data-fresco-kudu-count="11" data-fresco-options="ui: 'inside'" data-caption="Truly the 'Queen of the Savannah" Lion in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania<p class='mt-auto'><br><span class='onlypopup popup-inline'>Photo taken at <i>Ruaha National Park, Tanzania</i> by <a href='/c/tatanca-safari-tours/' target='_blank'>Tatanca Safari & Tours</a></span> <span class='popup-none'>Ruaha National Park, Tanzania</span><br> <i>26 Feb 2015</i>" data-index="13" data-fresco-group="unique_name">
Truly the 'Queen of the Savannah" Lion in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
26 Feb 2015