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About Inland Africa Safaris
ABOUT INLAND AFRICA SAFARIS In tourism, the people are the most important asset. In a safari, even more so. Since our inception, we’ve always given our top priority to finding the best human resources to work with. After all, a safari depends on so many factors but if the guide is right, the experience is guaranteed. After all, a guide can make the difference between a nice tour and a once in a lifetime experience one shall never forget. With Inland Africa Safaris, we employ a very thorough and careful recruitment and training process. We want to work with none but the most enthusiastic, cheerful, knowledgeable and professional people in this business, with many years or decades of experience. That’s how we provide an experience that is better than those from the competition: Because the best tourism professionals in the country are working for us. A safari should not be just a lifestlye exprience with a list of animals to tick off from a list , there is beauty in nature.
About our safari vehicles
Super custom The Toyota Super Custom is a very popular vehicle because it has been tailored to offer comfort for tourists going on a safari. It can take up to 5 travelers and provides all the space and legroom required particularly for long journeys. It comes with a rooftop tent without compromising the special views of a sunroof giving you an opportunity to take some of the most amazing safari scenes without stepping out of your car. Toyota Land cruiser Proven from time to time as one of the best SUVs offered by Toyota, the Land Cruiser is a must-have for anyone who dares to conquer the off-road while knowing that failure is not an option. The 4X4 cars take travelers on guided safaris to nature reserves and other tourist destinations around the country. Types of Toyota land cruisers that never go wrong on a safari include the Land cruiser 5-seater and Land cruiser extended. Toyota Coaster Buses For very large groups of between 20 to 40, a Toyota Coaster bus may be more ideal. The vehicles that are hired for tourism related purposes have a pop-up roof to allow for better wildlife viewing.
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