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Leopard at Ndutu Area, Tanzania

This photo was taken at: Tanzania

Leopard at Ndutu Area, Tanzania


YAS Said: 12 October


Where was this taken? Thanks!

KiliTanzanitesafaris Said: 13 October


Leopards at Ndutu Area, leopards are plenty in Ndutu, lions are many… there are also many cheetah, herds of elephants, giraffes and many birds of diverse species. Leopard eating Thomson's gazelle, is one of thousands of wildlife safari experience in Africa. African safari travel packages include 5 days adventure safaris, 6 days Tanzania safari, 7 days budget camping safaris, 8 days safari lodge and luxury camping safaris 9 to 12 days. Ndutu area is located directly in the track which wildebeest’s migration passes. Wildebeest migration passes from January to April, Ndutu is the famous name for the southeastern plains of the Serengeti ecosystem and the open woodlands around Lakes Ndutu. Wildebeest or sometimes called gnu are accompanied by Zebra, Eland, Grants Gazelle, Impala and Thomson's gazelle. The migrating herds gnu, zebra, Grant’s Gazelle, Eland, Impala, Thomson's gazelle and of over 1.5 million wildebeest and zebra begin to arrive in December and begin calving in February, it is breeding season. Best season to book Tanzania safari is from December to April. There are outdoor tents camps suitable for photographic safaris and camping safaris. In Ndutu there are several accommodation options such as safari lodges, permanent tented camps, mobile luxury camps and budget camping safaris. This is peak season (December to February) hence it is advised to reserve rooms early by booking tours in advance. It is easier to book tour and confirm reservation; payment can be done by online wire transfer or by credit cards through booking merchant. Secure Credit card merchant are Moneybookers/Skrill or DIXIPAY.

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