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Volcanoes National Park reviews

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“Almost couldn't believe it was true being close to these magnificent gorillas” - Reinyströmstedt

A once in a lifetime experience

Views: 491 Visited: Nov 2015 Reviewed: Jan 29, 2016

I was fortunate to have the possibility to visit the park at the end of 2015. It was a totally amazing experience.
At first I was really impressed by the country of Rwanda. So different from what I expected. A well-organized country that still had managed to keep the origin.

We stayed at hotel in Musanze and the hotel helped with arranging transportation to the park. When we arrived at park there was a local dancing and singing group performing along with serving coffee or tea.
They divided us into groups and a guide were assigned. We had a really good guide. Very dedicated to his work. He told about the park, the gorillas, the mountains and informed us about the members "our" group.

Then a short ride to the starting point of our walk. We were offered to have a carrier. It was local men from the village living on carrying backpacks for tourists. It was not expensive, so even if you perfectly well can carry your own backpack, its a good way to support the members of the village by hire a carrier.

Then the walk started. Through fields of eucalyptus trees. Then we went into the park and it was getting more steep. The walk was shorter than I expected and then we met up with guards watching "our" group 24 hours, seven days a week, to protect them from hunters.

We left backpacks and other stuff with the guards and the carriers and took the final climb up to the group. Suddenly we met the old man and his wife. The former silver back. He was patiently sitting there, not paying much attention to us. After a while, taking pictures, we moved on and then met the son, the present silver back. He was taking his morning nap. Around him was several females and kids. We spent an hour together with the group. A totally amazing experience. I could hardly believe it was true being close to them and they totally accepted us being there. I can highly recommend this trip.

Its quite expensive for tourist, 750 USD, but totally worth it. The monies cover the cost of the guards protecting these vulnerable and amazing animals.

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