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Tarangire National Park reviews

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“Elephants were incredible, so many baby ones in August/September. The interaction near one waterhole of elephants, zebras, wildebeest, lions and warthogs. Just mind blowing.” - Rhondarasmussen

The elephants are amazing

Views: 515 Visited: Aug 2016 Reviewed: Oct 12, 2016

Yes there are plenty of other animals in Tarangire but the display put on by the elephants was incredible - having dirt baths, the matriarch guarding the large group as they crossed the roads, making sure we weren't a problem, watching babies suckle, watching them scratch themselves on the trees, ripping the bark off trees, young males fighting and babies trying to emulate them. It was all so amazing.
The pygmy mongoose are also just beautiful as are the striped mongoose (not quite as beautiful as the pygmy ones). Saw the iconic photo of a cheetah standing on a dead tree, outlined in the early morning light with its brother on the ground below. Then saw the mother take off after a wildebeest. There were lots of birds in this park as well.

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