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South Luangwa National Park reviews

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South Luangwa - Best in Africa

Views: 108 Visited: Oct 2017 Reviewed: Oct 03, 2018

Arriving at the gates of South Luangwa is like stepping back in time. There is no first world rush, sign in, pay and you're on your way to more fun than you could imagine.
The road from the entrance twists and turns, a small water hole here and there, Yellow Billed Stork, Fish Eagle...plenty of birds to be seen here. During the heat of the day there is not much movement by the larger mammals. Resting, conserving energy is instinctive for later in the day when survival at night is paramount. Lions see better at night than during the day - a reflective mirror in their eyes directs light to fall onto their rods twice enabling excellent night vision. Other mammals are not so fortunate and the night is a time of knife edge survival.

If you venture a little further, past the old airstrip, the roads are less busy with day visitors and one really starts to see the denser stretches of bush, look into the shadows for the larger animals as they rest up. The road crosses an old bridge and a series of plains open up as you drive south, occasionally the river is visible to your left and the game varies as the biome changes from dense riverine bush to open plains with warthog snivelling in the grasses and impala grazing on short tufts of bitter grass.
some of the small forested areas that line the river banks are ethereal and mysterious, they seem to hold the spirit of the Luangwa in their grasp...tall trees stand sentinel on river San as the sun streams through their branches creating long shadows and beams of light that pierce the darkness.

And just as soon as you feel this mysticism the vehicle breaks out into the sunshine and there is mopane woodland all around you. Ahead, a massive bull elephant crosses the road, completely ignoring the vehicle. He ambles slowly across, will you look at the size of him!! Ive seen thousands of elephant over 15 years in Africa, never the size of him though. I speed up to get a better view....when I arrive at the point where he crossed the road....gone! Vanished??!!?? A 5 ton animal has disappeared into the bushes and I can't even see bushes moving to mark his movement, not a bird stirs....?
This is the magical mysticism of South Luangwa.

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