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Murchison Falls National Park reviews

12 reviews

“Hiking to the top of the exploding water falls was epic” - Anatooli J

An African safari jewel

Views: 124 Visited: Apr 2019 Reviewed: Apr 23, 2019

Murchison Falls National Park is one of Africa's remarkable safari destinations, it offers complete safari experiences to travelers such as wildlife viewing/ game viewing, adventure for those that make it to the top of the roaring water falls. I love the top of the falls, it is an "epic moment of greatness" while here.

The wildlife is superb, watching the hyenas hunt, the Rothschild giraffes pacing away majestically into the acacia trees, African elephants drinking from the Nile.....is a great experience. The Launch cruise along the NILE all the way to the bottom of the falls is all great.

What an encounter!, My Easter holiday well spent.

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