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Moremi Game Reserve reviews

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Wild dog viewing in Botswana

Views: 558 Visited: Dec 2017 Reviewed: Feb 08, 2018

We are so lucky in Botswana in that we have one of the largest intact populations of wild dogs on the continent. Further, after decades of good conservation, the dogs in most of our parks are completely habituated to the presence of tourist vehicles and can be followed on hunts and to den sites.

To get the most out of sightings, you need a decent guide. You can, of course, just come across wild dogs at random, but an experienced guide will know their behaviour intimately and will be able to get you to the right places at the right time to stay with the action. Driving skills are important and a good knowledge of the road network is essential if you want to follow hunts and see them make kills. All this happens at high speed and over big distances, so strap yourselves in!

Wild dogs can be seen all year round, but visiting in the"denning"season is probably the best time to come (June - August).

This is when the packs are at their most predictable as they are tied to an area where they hunt daily to feed the pups. After the pups leave the den, they rarely move far, so you get a few more weeks of consistent sightings. Den locations vary year to year, but experienced guides will know when and where they will likely be.

Dogs are so much fun to watch because of several reasons: they hunt in the day time, as apposed to some of the more nocturnal big cats. They hunt on a daily basis in order to feed the pack - sometimes they hunt twice a day!

Even if they are not hungry, they still patrol every early morning and afternoon, spooking leopards, chasing wildebeest or even zebra or elephants.....when the dogs are on the move, something exciting is going to happen!

There are many lodges that boast resident packs in their areas but the best way to get an amazing wild dog experience is to visit Botswana on a mobile safari. Be sure to design your itinerary with your guide and ask to be in the best locations to see dogs and at the right time of year. It must however be noted that, even without trying too hard, wild dogs can be come across even on general safari itineraries.

By far the best place to see wild dogs in Botswana is the Khwai Community Concession and the Moremi Game reserve. Good luck on your next visit!

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