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Masai Mara National Reserve reviews

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“Seeing all three big cats in day was breathtaking; they are magnificent creatures. ” - Intrepid

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Combined, my wife and I have traveled some the most spectacular regions of the world, however I must say the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya has been the best place traveled thus far. We stayed at the Mara Intrepid Tented Camps, where we were greeted, after our hopper flight from Nairobi, Kenya by the kindest and warmest people from the Masai Mara tribe. They loaded us up in the open air Land Rovers to our new tented camp dwellings for the week.

The camp is exquisite, tents perfect, the food was the best (healthy choices with a lot of vegetables), the service first class and again, the staff and people first class. Our tent was faced towards the Mara River, where we saw elephants, crocodiles and at night could the hippos splashing around in the water.

Our naturalist, Joseph, was incredible. He was very knowledgeable, always looking out to find the best views of all the animals, and answered all of our questions. We saw all of the big cats in one day, plus two kills; including a pack of hyenas hunting a wildebeest and a leopard hunting a rabbit.

Every safari was independent of the other, with assorted animals, different perspectives of the reserve and breath taking views. Also, we witnessed the transition in landscape from light brown to emerald green in just days due to the rain. This included seeing and being in flash flood in the Mara River where we just barley escaped, to the water levels rising too high to cross them.

We witness the pride (about 15-20) lions and their cubs being called by the head lioness; watching them run and gathering around her from a perfect vantage point.

Almost every morning we would have breakfast in the open range with the animals and felt very safe along side of the hippos and crocodiles in the river, with the giraffes looking down us wondering who these strange creatures were.

All in all I would give this trip 5 stars and highly recommend the Intrepid Tented Camps in the Masai Mara National Reserve for anyone.

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