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Mahale Mountains National Park reviews

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“Expensive but if you want privacy, tranquility , excellent scenery and awesome trekking, then this is the place.” - Skywalker

All about the chimps

Views: 827 Visited: Dec 2011 Reviewed: May 27, 2013

Deep inside Tanzania, along the shore of lake tanganyika, lies Mahale National Park. A park famed for "chimping". A bit interior and expensive to visit, our stay was at the greystoke mahale lodge, which is set in the park. From the mahale airstrip the lodge is only accessible by boat on the beautiful lake tanganyika. After an hour of amazing scenery during the boat ride we arrived at the lodge.

We were welcomed by resident warthogs. The facilities here are top notch and after an excellent meal we rested paving energy for our trek. Prepared for some long trekking, we put on our safari boots, jungle trousers, packed food and carried some bottled water. We came for chimping but deep in to the trek we saw a wide diversity of flora and fauna, troops of monkeys crisscrossing through the branches, picturesque arrays of colored birds chirping over us completing the scenery.The gallery of trees, lush green vegetation around us was also a sight to behold. After hours of trekking our talented tracker Hassan led us to the chimpanzees. This was the payoff. Habituated chimpanzees of over 100 plus, named group M. It was amazing to see them together. The complex intelligent creatures were unperturbed by our presence. We could only smile and take pictures of them--a joyous sight indeed. Its sad, however, since only 1hr in a day is allowed in the chimps presence. Apart form chimping we did some fishing as our camp was located near the shore of lake tanganyika and some boat riding.

There is a beautiful waterfall with an awesome pool where you can swim. The trip was a bit expensive but if you want privacy, tranquility , excellent scenery and awesome trekking, then this is the place.

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