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Kilimanjaro National Park reviews

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Machame Route

Views: 453 Visited: Mar 2016 Reviewed: Mar 10, 2017

I would never tell someone that they shouldn't climb Mt-Kilimanjaro. If you want to make it easy, take 7 days on a route and you will make it to the top with no problem.
I reached Uhuru Peak at 10a.m. using the Machame route on a 7 day trek with 5 of my friends. Here are some pointers that would probably help you plan a trek

1. Be prepared for any type of weather. Like ANY!! Carry all your wet weather, cold weather, hot weather...basically every weather gear. Take special care against the cold in the nights and the sun in the day. They are equally dangerous at those altitudes.

2. Be sure to plan your trip with a recommended and trusted company.

3. Eat as much food as you can on the mountain. You may not have the appetite but you will definitely need any energy you have to walk, especially that last night.

4. Camelbacks are the most convenient water bottles up on the mountain. If you are carrying one, be sure to wear it in your clothes near your chest on the final ascent. And keep the pipe in too. Otherwise both would freeze leaving you with no water.

5. PACK LIGHT!! (Even your day packs). The weight sort of exponentially increases on the mountain as you get more tired.

6. Start from every camp at the earliest possible and take your time during the trek. We were possibly the slowest group on the mountain but we all made it. NO HURRY IN AFRICA!!
Finally, that night of the final ascent, WALK SLOWLY!!
We saw people returning even before the halfway mark because they got altitude sickness by walking up too fast. Take your time.

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