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Kilimanjaro National Park reviews

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“Touching the stars on top of Kili” - Nadiabenaissa

Touching the stars on top of the Kili

Views: 631 Visited: Feb 2009 Reviewed: Jun 03, 2014

Kilimanjaro was one of my best experience in life. While traveling to Tanzania with friends we decided we could not miss Kilimanjaro. We were young and unconscious as we had not prepared for the trip and were not equipped. You can rent equipment on site, but we decided we could do without sticks or head lights! We had a team of cook and carriers. We took the easy route and opted to sleep in hut made for four. The first step was quite interesting as you cross a jungle full of blue monkeys and as you go up, the landscape changes to be become dry.
As I woke up at night, I looked at the sky and you feel stars are so close that you can touch them, this is the most beautiful thing I have seen! The last night, you sleep very few hours as you have to climb on time to see the sunrise from the top, the last 2 days were the most difficult as some of us started to have some issues: shortness of breath, blood circulation, feet pain, but challenge is stronger and gets you going. Going down was somewhat easy as its like skiing on rocks and very fast although you are tired. We decided to go on safari after Kili which was needed as we could not walk anymore for 2 days...would do it again.

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