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Kilimanjaro National Park reviews

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“Don't think about it, just do it!” - Skywalker

Dont think about it , Just do it !

Views: 624 Visited: Mar 2008 Reviewed: May 25, 2013

Located in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa. A wonder, too tempting to resist for the adventurous kind. A tempting of fate, an undertaking few people have conquered . And here we were a team of 5 individuals, it was past the 2007 election violence in Kenya and we were here to climb for peace. There was no looking back, our climb was to convey a message of togetherness, unity, hope and most of all endurance. Endurance of the Kenyan people to live in peace harmony and justice.

A professional and experienced crew to help with the climb is highly recommended and we chose climb Kili for that service. Time was not a problem and so we decided to take the 8 day Lemosho route . The route was beautiful, attitude manageable, our guides and group of porters were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Along the way we saw monkeys traversing here and there making funny sounds as if to chastise us . Nevertheless we marshaled on, and A few days hiking and we finally joined the other routes . The lemosho route was manageable, no altitude sickness by my team members, just a lot of peeing every few min during the climb. Finally the summit was on our sight, we had come for this. We left the last camp at 12am, our flag ready we climbed through the night. A couple of hours later and we were there at the summit, fog clouded our vision but there was no doubt we were here, battling the odds, all of us were here, the clearest message we could ever send--togetherness and unity. The view from Africa's eye was amazing, unforgettable for lack of a better word. The climb down was a bit challenging as the snow seemed to get deeper and deeper, our energy depleted but our resolve was still there,( snacks on high altitude is not advised ) so we marshaled on.

The hike was a success, our message was clearly conveyed. Mt Kilimanjaro is a worthy challenge, you wont regret it, don't think about it, just do it!

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