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Katavi National Park reviews

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“Negotiate for a local driver in Mpanda to the north to drive you around.” - Churchmanb

Waayyy out there. And that's a good thing.

Views: 662 Visited: Dec 2010 Reviewed: May 28, 2013

This park doesn't have a lot in the way of infrastructure. If you are coming in on a flight and have a full guided tour set up, that's great. If you are passing through on the bus to/from Kigoma, you will have to work to see this park - that is, beyond just the bus ride.
You will pass through the park on the bus, and see a lot of wildlife in this way as it is. However, this is a bus in Africa. You only stop for short restroom breaks, during which you may lose you your seat. And, you may not have room to turn your head, let alone snap some photos out the window. It's wonderful, but get a car and driver somewhere nearby and head into the park proper to really see it.
This is elephant and hippo heaven...elephants in the forests and hippos in the water. Soak up the sun (this is kind of a joke - it is HOT here) and enjoy the ride!

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