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Hwange National Park reviews

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“Never disappointed - always leave with having seen something new or different” - JaimieLee.Holtzhausen

Always Something To See!

Views: 264 Visited: Oct 2017 Reviewed: Nov 05, 2018

Hwange National Park itself is a beautiful area - so beautiful that you can get lost in the scenery and not realize you have been bouncing about in the back of a game view for hours in search of various game and birds.

There is ALWAYS something to see in HNP, from the massive herds of buffalo & elephant gathered around the waterholes in the late afternoon, to the prides of lion with their cubs playing on the roads in the early morning, to the herds of zebra, wildebeest, kudu and impala in the open vleis or thick bush munching on the tree leaves, to the magnificent scenery which changes constantly from mopane and teak forest's to open savannahs, to thick shrubs to breathtaking acacia groves!

A few moments stick out in my mind from the various visits in the dry season and green seasons to Hwange National Park; the best being - the late afternoons in the acacia groves watching the troops of baboons frolicking and feasting on various bugs and mites before heading up the trees to roost for the night; the early morning game drives, and stopping at a breathtaking waterhole for a coffee/tea to warm you up from the crisp wind; ending the day overlooking a waterhole with the sun setting and a herd of buffalo or elephants wondering in with a dust cloud trailing and most just sitting, putting my camera down and enjoying a moment watching an animal or bird carry out its daily activities.

Hwange is a beautiful park with so much to offer; you just need to let go of your expectations to truly enjoy the beauty that it is!

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