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Etosha National Park reviews

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“A four hour stand off at Salvadora waterhole with lions hunting four times before eventually killing a zebra. The anticipation was electric and the images were worth every minute. ” - Yoursafari

Etosha National Park Namibia – a Wildlife Photographer’s Paradise

Views: 117 Visited: Nov 2019 Reviewed: Mar 08, 2019

I’m often asked why Etosha holds such a special place in my heart?

I could say that it is the chance to view vast numbers of wildlife species drinking together, the stark arid landscape or the camps’ floodlit waterholes that put on nightly spectacles, but really I think it is the countless photo opportunities.

There is nowhere quite like Etosha for imagery. I’m not sure whether it’s the light or the dust or a combination of both, but the park gives endless opportunities to capture that perfect wildlife image.
It doesn’t seem to matter what season you visit, the results are the same – unique photographs taken in perfect light in pristine landscapes.

I’ve been photographing wildlife now for nearly 20 years in Etosha. Just when I think I’ve taken the ultimate shot an even better one is waiting for me next time.

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