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Chobe National Park reviews

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“If you are an elephant lover then Chobe and Botswana is definitely the place to visit.” - Sambell

Chobe National Park

Views: 536 Visited: Aug 2018 Reviewed: Feb 20, 2020

In 2018 my husband and I had to opportunity to go to Chobe National Park. We headed out on a boat ride first in the afternoon to see the animals come down to drink. To our left along the riverbank we watched as a herd of elephants made their way down to the water for a drink. This group was so close and we were able see young elephants in between all the adults. Botswana is an amazing place to see elephants. With the world’s largest population, there is no chance of not seeing them in nature reserves. As the boat took us further down the river, we saw a bachelor herd of four large bulls who were knee deep in the long grass/water. We stayed awhile watching them eat and wade through the water only 5 metres away from the boat. We were also surrounded by waterbuck, buffalo and crocodiles basking on the riverbank.

The next day we headed back into the park by car. It was very early when we headed out, still dark. Morning in Africa is a fantastic time to start a safari, the wilderness just comes alive. We saw hippos grazing and then heading back to the water for the day, as well as lots of antelope grazing near the water. The amazing experience we had at Chobe was the moment we spotted two adult female lionesses with six cubs. We managed to follow them for a little bit at a distance as not to disturb them. We turned our car off and they eventually made their way past our car. It is a large park however we did find that especially when there was an apex predator (the lions) that a lot of cars turned up. A few self-touring cars were very pushy, driving through certain areas to get close to the lions and two cars even separating three of the cubs from the rest. Other than that, the rest of our drive throughout the day was almost like we were completely alone just wilderness surrounded us.

I recommend this park greatly and, although we did not see all of the big five, there is still an abundance of wildlife in an untouched area. If you are an elephant lover then Chobe and Botswana is definitely the place to visit.

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