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Chobe National Park reviews

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“At the end of April, the savanna of Savuti was sumptuous, the lions majestic, the giraffes and zebras elegant” - Pachyderme

Chobe forever

Views: 101 Visited: Apr 2018 Reviewed: Jun 04, 2018

We spent one night in Kasane by the Chobe river. On our arrival we went on a sunset cruise and the following morning on a game drive by the river. We saw a few elephants having a drink, giraffes, an iguana lying in the late sun, another elephant bathing in the marsh, several different species of birds and hippos, of course; but what we enjoyed the most was the beautiful sunset. To our minds, if you want to see wildlife, you go to the bush or savanna is there a difference? The highlight of the game drive was a herd of buffaloes munching the grasses while three hungry female lions delicately approached. It was apparent that a group of nearby impalas were on the alert. Wildlife can be cruel but its about survival. What as "civilized" human beings do we do?

We recommend the short flight to Savute. One feels small but privileged to see the immensity of the bush. Unfortunately the Savute channel has dried but the grasses are luxuriant and fragrant and although high at the close of the rainy season towards the end of April, you can still spot lions with their cubs taking a nap with their four legs in the air. Elephants were not so prolific as we'd expected - had they migrated ? - but giraffes welcomed us on the airstrip and zebras stood still as we took photos. But perhaps what has left a print are the wide plains of high grass, the baobas trees - one a thousand years old - a cub turning around to face us, the splendour of a majestic male lion at sunset, the fragile elegance of the giraffes, ... .

We stayed at the intimate and well integrated into the environment Savuti Camp composed of five tents with all you need - a comfortable bed, hot running water, good food and the extraordinary possibility to doze off and wake up to the sound of a hyena, a lion or perhaps an elephant.

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