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Chobe National Park reviews

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“Chobe and their elephants are amazing” - Sam Puls

Savuti, Chobe’s plains, are full of wildlife

Views: 276 Visited: Jul 2014 Reviewed: Feb 07, 2018

Savuti is a great place to experience the African savannah. It has a variety of landscapes from open plains, river beds and rivers, to more bushy areas.In this review, I'm writing about my experiences around the Savuti Campsite and general wildlife spottings in Chobe.

Savuti, Chobe’s plains, are full of wildlife

Overall, Savuti in Chobe National Park is what I expected from a safari park in Africa: some sandy roads, tones of wildlife, great sceneries, and much more. There are also ancient rock paintings here--for those who are willing to look. Obviously, I had to go and check it out, but it was very small. We also mat a couple of people who went searching for it but didn’t find it. It’s also not really crowded and it has a decent road system (sandy roads), which allow you to find areas which are quite remote. They also have impressive baobab trees (although I can’t compare to other areas), but they are just a great addition to the semi-open landscape.

The Savuti campsite is a very nice place with the ability to drive in a lot of different directions. As the camp is not fenced, you have the ability to already see wildlife in the camp. Near the restrooms, I’ve spotted a mongoose. On one of the days, we had elephants in the camp. At first, it was a pleasant sighting, but some of the tourists left some food hanging around, and the elephants were exploring their camping area. Just take it in mind when you go out camping. You are in the living space of the wild animals, do your best not to interact with them.

Close to the Savuti campsite, there is a bridge over the Savuti canal, around there we were lucky to see some wild dogs. We were just too late to see the kill, but we could observe them nicely. Although the park rangers were a bit more sceptical, as the kill was very close to their office. They decided it was better to scare them away. Not too pleasant for the tourists, although we all could have a very good sight of them. But in the end the park rangers did a good job, they should try and keep the distance between the animals and the people. Overall, the Rangers are very friendly.

South of the Savuti Campsite, you have amazing possibilities to spot wildlife. You can follow a trail along the Savuti Canal and hope to see some animals near the water. This area is a bit bushier but was very good for herbivores. Going South on the Sandridge Road will bring you to a more open area. These areas are amazing for spotting impala, greater kudu, elephants, giraffes, and much more. We even spotted lions and a civet on the road. Maribou Pan is another great place to spot some wildlife.

Chobe is known for its large density of elephants, and it will not let you down. We've seen plenty of elephants, sometimes large groups.

We had an amazing time here, enjoying the wildlife to its fullest. Our next stop was Chobe Riverfront.

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