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Buffalo Springs National Reserve reviews

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“Brace yourself for a bumpy ride!!!” - Mwas

The Stanning Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Views: 629 Visited: Mar 2011 Reviewed: Sep 08, 2013

During the month of March, 2011, we visited the awesome Buffalo Springs National Reserve. The National Reserve is bordered by Samburu National Reserve, which is divided by the Ewaso Nyiro River. We got an open Safari truck that drove us through the reserve’s bumpy and rough road where we could see different kinds of animals. I happened to see some remarkable crocodiles, which were so huge, on the banks of this river. I could also see some big animals swimming across the river while the crocodiles vigilantly timed them to get them as their prey. While driving, we could see nature at its best as there was a lot of peace and quiet since there were not so much tourists, as compared to the other national reserves and parks.

Apart from the common warders within the reserve, we noticed lions, leopards, Kirk's dik-diks, gemsboks, giraffes and gerenuks among other animals. We also saw a number of birds that differed in species, some of these birds included; white-headed Buffalo-weaver, Lilac-breasted roller, yellow-necked spur fowl, Rueppel's long-tailed starling, white-browed Sparrow-weaver and brown snake-Eagle among many other bird species. Within the reserve, we found some villages with Doumpalms and Acacia trees where the friendly Samburu people live, who are in a way like the Maasai people. With the springs around, the surrounding area is usually marshy, making some of the animals attracted to the place. The reserve is just one of the most beautiful places that I would recommend for anyone.

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