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Karibu! Welcome! New Adventure Safaris Ltd is proud to be your host for the duration of your unforgettable African adventure. As passionate ambassadors of our beautiful land, we strive to meet your every need so that your trip lives in your memory as the best time of your life. Until we see you again. To this end we employ experienced guides whose knowledge and expertise will help you to become intimately acquainted with the splendour and mystery that are the hallmarks of Tanzania. Each trip is lead by driver / guide who is fluent in English and Kiswahili with an in-depth knowledge of all aspects in animal spotting, identification and behaviour. In 2000 the company laid the foundation stone as safari operators in East Africa Tanzania, our experience enables us to offer the most diverse selection of trips available including accommodated tours, mobile adventure & semi luxury camping safari, walking safari, mountain climbing and beach holidays - our specialty lies in designing your dream holiday with unique itineraries to meet your every need. We have our own fully equipped workshop to ensure that our vehicles are comprehensively serviced and well-maintained. In the unlikely event of a breakdown we always have back up vehicles that will be deployed immediately so that there are no interruptions on your safari. With New Adventure Safaris you have financial security. Once you have paid New Adventure Safaris Ltd for your Tanzanian holiday you are ready to enjoy your adventure of a lifetime. Nas Staff All New Adventure Safaris Ltd Staff members, from office personnel to cooks, are well trained, experienced and keen to meet your every wish. Distinctive in their smart uniforms, they will always greet you with a smile. All of our walking and driver guides are specialists in their own way. Some specialize in ornithology, others in ecology and animal behavior, but all have an excellent general knowledge of the National Parks and the animal kingdom. Our mountain guides have all climbed Kilimanjaro numerous times by the different routes and know the mountain intimately. They are always successful in their aim of getting you safely and happily to the summit under their professional licenses. Your guide will be present at the pre-climb briefing in New Adventure Safaris Safaris’ or at the Lodge.

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