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I prefer to get off-the-beaten path, and that is reflected in the type of safaris my company focuses on. I traveled to Tanzania as a volunteer, in May 2012, with my daughter. We concluded our month-long stay in Moshi with a safari to the northern safari circuit parks: Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater, and the Serengeti. From the moment I climbed into the jeep, I was ecstatic and giddy with excitement. But it was when I first set foot on the plains of the Serengeti that I knew I had arrived "home" - it was an indescribable feeling. I had developed a deep love for the culture and people of Tanzania during my volunteer time, and my bond with the country was solidified in the bush. I knew in that moment I needed a way to sustain a life in Tanzania. Fortunately, my safari driver/guide became a trusted friend, and shortly after returning to the US, he and I embarked on a business venture designed to fulfill both our dreams: Maasai Flag Expeditions. I now live part time in Tanzania, and get out to the bush every chance I can manage. I hope to introduce travelers to the wonders of Tanzania, and maybe even entice them "off-the-beaten path", to experience the authentic Tanzania I have come to know and love.

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