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Walter was born in the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and is fluent in Kiswahili and English. Walter well known as “Bwana game!” he has an amazing background in wildlife research .He participated in a study of ungulates at Serengeti Research Institute & with Frankfurt Zoological Society and also worked with Several Prestigious African safaris outfitter in Tanzania, Kenya and demonstrates a wealth of knowledge of the wildlife and culture of his native land . He has in the past been an ecologist, conservationist and researcher and these diverse experiences translate into his ability to extend his passion for Tanzania. Walter started his career in the tourist industry working full time as the Wildlife Research Officer & Safari Consultant. This served as the stimuli, and he soon realized that his real interest was in being able to share some the beautiful Tanzania with the many travelers that come to our shores, not knowing what to expect from our “dark continent.” His greatest thrill is lifting the veil on our East Africa and being able to show the many features which are uniquely ours. His knowledge of Africa and the animals is extensive and, he is a true professional-personable, Enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable and thorough, thereby ensuring that every tour we custom design is a complete success. We invite you to maximize your holiday, by allowing us to guide you every step of the way. That way you can sit back and relax and simply enjoy each moment to the fullest, while we take care of the rest. “Traveling is something that I adore, with so many sights to see, different cultures to admire and food to taste, is really what appeals to me.” There is nothing Walter enjoys more than being with guests in the middle of absolutely nowhere surrounded by all the sights, noises, smells and nuances of the African bush. He prefers to use his own luxury mobile camp on safari whereby he can access the further reaches of the wildlife areas of Tanzania. The wilder, the better. Karibu Tanzania!

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Jan 18, 2018
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