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Dominion Tours & Adventure Safaris (DOTAS) is a family owned Tourist Company based in the City of Mwanza Tanzania East Africa. We provide high quality Tourism services to clients from all over the globe. We have a rich history of meeting the desires & quenching the thirst of those we serve through innovative ways of planning our tours, efficiency operational tactics and efforts to promote a sustainable future. The secrets to the remarkable safari experience rely not on your personal planned itinerary, choice of accommodation or seasonality & travel time, but it relies in skills diligence, passion, innovation & competence of the travel company your choose. DOTAS is built on five core values that shape they way we operate our business with our clients, our partners and even our competitors.  They express the Safari Company we want DOTAS to be from the staff we hire to the way we organize our safari packages and they guide us in the decisions we make every day.  The Integrity to do what is right  The Innovation to plan, arrange and perform the desired safari plans to all our clients.  The transparency that compels mutual trust productive, collaborative working relationship.  The Humidity to view our success as stepping stones in our journey and our mistakes as opportunities for improvement.  A passion for making our clients and partners successful and fulfilled by the services we provide.

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