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We are a small team of people who all love Uganda and we are very enthusiastic about all the other destinations where work. Denis Kigongo Victor is founder and leads the team, but every member has a unique role and valued role in developing our vision of arranging ethical and eco tours to Uganda and East Africa to develop a form of tourism mindful of the needs of the local people, respectful to local customs and cultures, and supportive to conservation of wildlife and the environment, in the parts of East Africa where we work. We are always on hand to work with you to understand your aims and desires for your safari trip in order to provide comprehensive and tailor-made solutions. In order to ensure a seamless arrangement, our partners, service providers and projects in Uganda or East Africa are handpicked for their reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction, with a dedication and enthusiasm that match our own. Looking for an amazing Ethical and eco tours to Uganda and East Africa for groups and individuals? Msafiri Tours will make it happen for you

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