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Travel Options Tours & Safaris Tanzania Ltd is a Destination Management Company in Tanzania East Africa since year 2001. The entire team takes pride in combining its several years of experience and superior worldwide reputation for an unforgettable once in a life time experience. We have partnered with superior-rated suppliers who offer the highest quality level of service based upon your expense budget. All of our tours vary from moderate to luxury priced lodges/camps. We select lodging based on comfort, location and the opportunity to enhance the travel experience with nature interactions on site, such as elephants walking through your safari lodge / camp during the evening hours. Accommodation is often located as close as possible to the wildlife and scenery sites to ensure that no time is lost in traveling to and from the site, and to ensure that the best hours of light is available for exceptional game viewing drives and photography. Travel Options Tours and Safaris mission is to provide our guests with a complete effortless travel by combining our expertise with the magic found in nature. We do all of the planning work and design turn-key vacations that exceed our guests’ desires for fun and adventure. Your vacation to East Africa means animals, nature, safety, flexibility and reliability all at easy. Travel Options Tours and Safaris vehicles are 4x4 Toyota Land Cruisers, steered by trained, knowledgeable & experienced safari guides. Our Mountain Guides and porters are all well trained, qualified and certified by Kilimanjaro National Park Management. www.traveloptionstz.com

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