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I travel at least two to three months a year, to different countries. As a serious athlete, I am engaged in a variety of challenging and exciting sports, whether it's river rafting, sky diving, paragliding, hiking, or most of all, horseback riding. I'm a professional writer, prizewinning journalist and author, but my books are business based about communications, not travel. My preference is to travel solo, stay away from touristed areas, take the back roads, learn the basics of the language as best I can, and engaqe the culture. Getting dirty is part of the fun, five star hotels give me hives, and getting kissed by a camel is my idea of a love affair. Although I do have a guy who possess better smelling breath. I will not eat at American outlets, drink Coke, support lousy American food overseas. I will eat good fruit, veggies, and local goodies, but watch the chili.

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Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania
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Nov 03, 2016

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