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Harmony Kilimnanjaro Expeditions specializes with Mount Kilimanjaro hikes in Tanzania. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the largest free-standing mountain in the world and the summit is the highest point on the African continent. People have been trying to climb it for over two hundred years. Early tribesmen feared and respected the mountain; believing that evil spirits lived in it and punished anyone who tried to climb too high by shriveling their limbs and turning them black. Later, porters were pressed into service to help European climbers in the hopes that the travelers would share their gifts and tools. Today, the local people welcome climbers from all over the world and guide them up the mountain as an integral part of the Tanzanian economy. While Mount Kilimanjaro is sometimes referred to as the “Everyman’s Everest,” not everyone will make it to the top. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to prepare properly, choose the right route for you and have a wonderful, and safe, climb. From here you can! We encourage you to read all our articles about safety and the local culture to make sure you arrive well educated. Someone once told us “Kilimanjaro is a life changing experience.” And she was right. So join us in the adventure of a lifetime! Designing custom Mt Kilimanjaro itineraries and leading clients to the summit is an art,one that we have spent decades perfecting. We work with you to plan the best Kilimanjaro routes to suit your desire for comfort, adventure and discovery. Take a look at some of our sample Mt Kilimanjaro itineraries by visiting our website and lets help in advising you some of the options you may add onto your preferable route – as we say, it is your adventure,ours is to make it happen! Welcome to Mt Kilimanjaro,The Roof Top of Africa! Thank you all!

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