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Chaz Tours and Travel is a highly experienced tour operator in Kenyan,Nairobi and Namibia,Windhoek. Over the years we have hosted a great number of international visitors on private guided tours Kenya,Tanzania,Uganda,Rwanda,Burundi,Zambia,Botswana,Namibia,South africa and rest of World.

We offer the Best in African Safaris: individually-customized itineraries in addition to our standard package tours and trip extensions. The safari and tour guides employed by Chaz Tours and Travel are based in various regions and cities throughout the Africa. As trusted professionals and partner we strive to provide clients with unforgettable African safari tour itineraries.Join the great number of international visitors whose dream holidays have been made possible by the Chaz Tours and Travel team.

My safari travel style: Middle of the road—I tend to stay in the main camps and lodges. It suits my budget and my preference for creature comforts, such as electricity and hot water.

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May 8, 2021

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