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Domestic Tourism safaris Promotion Company limited (DTSPCO) is an Educational travel Company, run and managed by Udzungwa Mountains College Trust Foundation (www.UdzungwaMountainsCollege.Com) according to the objects of the Trust as per the Trust Deed (Article 4). The decision of establishing Domestic Tourism safaris Promotion Company limited is a result of the founders experience in the business and their conviction of the success their Company can achieve if they join hands and work together in their new company (Read our business plan). It is aimed at inspiring Tanzanians as well as Africans at large particularly in East Africa to cultivate the culture of visiting their natural wonders. Domestic Tourism Safaris promotion company limited (DTSPCO) is a Tanzanian registered company, having been registered with the Business Registration and licensing Agency (BRELA) of the ministry of industries, Trade and marketing, with a certificate of incorporation No. 84031 under the companies Act No. 12 of 2002 (chapter 212 of the laws of Tanzania), and that the Company is limited. Domestic Tourism safaris promotion Company Limited (DTSPCO) was incorporated on 20th June, 2011. The establishment of the Domestic Tourism safaris promotion company limited (DTSPCO) was due to the college’s vision which it was to become the world’s no. 1 Tourism training college particularly in jobs creation. Graduate students who have completed their professional courses chiefly in professional Tour guiding and hotel management are employees of the DTSPCO

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