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As a native Tanzanian, I've always had passion for tourism. I am fascinated by foreign countries and their cultures; my whole life, education, traveling and jobs have all related to tourism and I have been involved in almost every aspect of the industry. This lifetime experience is also crucial to why Zuri Tours and Safaris has been doing so great in the business. I love to get in touch with new people and unknown cultures because that’s the only way to really broaden one’s mind; by sharing experiences and motives. Having been to different places in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar Island has broadened my perspective of our amazing country and made me understand the importance of travel nowadays, and thus the importance of tourism to satisfy this longing for exploring the world. Excellent customer service and high product quality are very important in the travel business: "This is what we promise our valuable Clients every single day!” We have well trained employees; they know how to handle a request on a satisfactory level

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Dec 26, 2017
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