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MERUCRY is the planet in our solar system .It is the smallest of the eight planets. It is also the closest to the sun. Mercury goes around the sun the fastest of all the planets. Mercury Zanzibar Safaris Limited was created solely to cater for the broad interests of deserving clients, today, tomorrow and beyond. MERCURY aims to fill the existing gap for a competent multilingual Destination Management Company (DMC) in Zanzibar. MERCURY is a 100% Zanzibari Owned Company with more than twelve years of experience in tourism sector. With our competent and dedicated staffs, MERCURY has proved to local Tourism stake holders, and the world at large, to be the most competent, efficient, and reliable Multilingual Tour Operator in Zanzibar and Tanzania ever seen before. Our long experience has enabled us to move a very significant pace in understanding of tourism of all levels. We pride ourselves on designing our own tours and excursions, rather than follow traditional tourist trails. As a result our tours and excursions permit our clients to see historical and cultural sites that have never been explored by other Zanzibar Companies. We have managed to offer packages and itineraries of ultimate comfort and relaxation. We provide our clients with both personalized as well as the group services of all budget. Big and small resorts are both in our concern. A fleet of our luxurious vehicles big and small all of which are air conditioned are waiting for you. Our knowledgeable guides are a part of our commitment in providing with and transferring our knowledge to the clients. Knowledge and experience among our staffs are our priorities. All our guides and drivers are well trained to meet your quality needs beyond your expectation. A very good relation we have with the Zanzibar hotels has not only enabled us to sell but more importantly to be the first Zanzibari Company offering the very competitive and attractive rates to its partners. Our main goal is internalization of our profound knowledge and experience of Zanzibar and Tanzania to all our beloved clients, and to serve customers of all budgets and nationalities, without the language barriers. Karibu Zanzibar Ndamungu Yussuf Managing Director Mercury Zanzibar Safaris Ltd Zanzibar.

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