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Schools & orphanages Planning your safari
Written on Jun 01, 2013

Books are one item that is often seen as lacking and drives are organized to deliver reading material to those without it. But, what often is delivered are books that have no relevance for the people who are receiving them. A good rule of thumb for durable goods such as clothing and books is to p...

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Special diets on safari Planning your safari
Written on May 29, 2013

A commonly asked question about a safari tour is what will the food be like. This is especially important if one is on a special diet, as many times such specifications to the menu are not as common in Africa as at home. The good news is that the majority of special diets on safari can readily be...

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Safaris for disabled Planning your safari
Written on May 26, 2013

Often a safari is portrayed as a very active endeavor, but the truth is that there are many styles of safari and not all safaris have a high physical demand. Many companies now exist that cater to the special needs market and focus specifically on making a safari possible for those who are not ab...

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Buying tanzanite Environmental
Written on May 21, 2013

As with any significant purchase such as precious gemstones, one should always do one's research in advance. Know your seller and learn how what practices they employ to ensure the quality of the product and the relationship with their suppliers. To be sure you have the real deal, your tanzanite ...

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African wildlife charities African wildlife
Written on May 19, 2017

Often one is inspired to journey on an African safari adventure for the love of wildlife. After experiencing an African safari, a common aftereffect is an increased and deeply felt desire to contribute to charity groups dedicated to saving and improving the conditions of the animals that one has ...

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