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I just love the wild areas, it doesn't matter where. I enjoy the excitement of seeking out the rare and dangerous species, but then can't wait to jump out and take a hike. Do some bird watching or sit and observe the mongoose as they forage along. I love to track the animals, read their signs and build a picture in my mind of what happened the night before! If I can get out and about, engaging in some activities that get me closer to nature, then I am in paradise.

South Africa
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20 safaris
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Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa
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Nov 28, 2016
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Photos I have taken

Eagles fighting over road kill in the...
Vulture taking off in the Hluhluwe-im...
Jackal hunting through the grass, Kru...
Cheetah on road sign in the Kruger Pa...
Sunset Dam Kruger Park
Leather Back Turtle laying eggs in St...
Elephant drinking at a waterhole in t...
Female leopard hunting in the Hluhluw...