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Zambezi National Park reviews

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Luscious game park, great game boat ride for a change!

Visited: Sep 2012 Reviewed: May 18, 2013

The whole area around Vic Falls is stunning and a great place to do it all in a relatively short period of time. I visited the Zambezi National Park several times during my working time in Africa as the overland trip which included the falls was always the most popular.

Close to Livingstone and ease of entry meant we could do a day's game drive/boat ride without having to stay in the park, so I can't really recommend a particular camp there. The park itself is just divine and it's easy to see why animals love it here!

The river makes everything so green and luscious, and there's plenty of high grassland etc where they can hide. Driving around is possible but to be honest not very worthwhile, the floodplains are where most of the animals congregate and you’re not really going to get very close. Take a boat trip or canoe down the river and you’re bound to have much closer encounters.

Always saw lots of hippos, elephants, herds of zebras and and lots and I mean LOTS of buffalo. My pax always enjoyed fishing from the back of the boat whilst looking out for game, and that is a totally fun thing to do. Of all the times I’ve been here I’d say the September trips were always best, great viewing both of game and the falls, where you don’t get completely soaked trying to get close enough for a good photo.

Gorgeous luscious corner of the world and a nice change to the dry and dusty savannahs, game boat riding a lovely change from the usual 4WD experience. Expect crowds here though as everyone who visits the Vic Falls will spend at least one day here.

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Loads of Zambezi River wildlife in a pristine state

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Visited: Sep 2011 Reviewed: Mar 24, 2015

This park lies opposite the famous Mana Pools Reserve in Zimbabwe, so the whole area on both sides of the river is an enormous wildlife sanctuary. This park is still relatively undeveloped, but its beauty lies in its pristine wilderness state. The diversity of animals is not as wide as the other big parks, but the opportunities to get close to game wandering in and... read more

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Visited: Feb 2014 Reviewed: Jul 31, 2014

This was my last park visit on my wonderful safari through Botswana. I was really looking forward to seeing Victoria Falls and knew it was the rainy season here (which means more water flow for the chutes!). I was not prepared for the sticky and buggy conditions in Zambezi National Park.

Great for a boat tour and for viewing loads of elephants, though!
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